Energy Learning

Energy Learning Introduction

Data - Dialogue - Action - Results

Energy Learning utilizes the data - dialogue - action - results model. Dialogue creates a multiplicative effect and when data from energy, employee engagement, change management, alignment or other custom HR metrics and dialogue are combined. Employees, leaders and managers take action because the dialogue ignites emotion needed for attention, persuasion and action. Only with action can an organization achieve measurable business results.

eePulse helps develop HR metrics strategies that result in high-impact dialogue. Data may come from interviews, focus groups, Energy Pulse™ or Energy Mapping. Data also may come from the client's archival sources or their own employee surveys. eePulse does not always collect or generate the data; however, our learning teaches leaders to use the data differently - to drive measurable business results. eePulse provides extensive survey research and consulting, helping clients transform their traditional surveys into leadership tools.