Organizational Network Analysis

Identify key influencers for positive change

If your business is undergoing a culture shift or looking to make a change, eePulse's organizational network analysis is an invaluable tool.

Using our energy surveying tools, you're able to identify employees who maintain high levels of energy and have the ability to influence others. Identify who the exemplars are in your organization, who exhibits the positive behaviors you are looking for or are supporting your initiatives. Once identified, energy influencers can:

Drive positive change

Set the tone for your culture

Generate financial growth

Energy Mapping

Organization Network Analysis (ONA) for discovery and influence

ONA helps organizations visually see the employee energy flow in the organization. It can be used to diagnose where energy is strong, and it also can be used to learn what is effectively improving employee energy or reducing energy.

ONA can be easily deployed in any business, regardless of size. It can be used to understand the hidden and informal network in any organization. In addition to mapping employee energy, it can be used to understand and identify innovation hubs, areas of behavioral excellence and centers of excellence. The knowledge obtained from ONA helps create learning that is shared with others in the organization.

ONA is particularly useful before any organizational restructuring event or culture change. Learn where employees are going for innovation, energy, technical knowledge and more.

Create smooth, lasting changes with our proprietary organizational network energy analysis tools.

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