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eePulse takes a unique approach to the use of surveys in organizations, and as a result the technology suite and implementation methodology are cutting-edge in the market. In this section, you will learn why eePulse's survey solutions may be right for you.

eePulse is the only company that has been doing surveys as frequently as weekly since 1996. Why would we do this? Our key metric, employee energy, which is a leading vs. lagging indicator, required that we collect data more frequently. In order to collect valid trend data, to be used for predictions, one needs regular and frequent data points. Also, energy fluctuates, so to have an accurate assessment, the frequent process was required.
• Trend data are more powerful than point-in-time data.
• Predictive trend data are leading indicators; they are decision making tools.
• Real-time data provides business insights.

What happened
eePulse developed a technology suite that processes survey data faster than other tools on the market. It's all about speed of reporting and providing the real-time data to all the stakeholders who need it.
• Managers needed data in real time to make decisions.
• There's no sense of urgency for late data.
• Solve today's problems and pursue today's opportunities with real-time data.

Who benefits from eePulse's insights?
If you are in an organization that wants to provide data to many individuals within your firm (vs. to just one person), then eePulse's solution is superior to many others. The technology suite was build to support data collection as frequently as weekly; thus, speed and ability to provide reports to many individuals immediately were critical for success. Employees or customers will not come back and complete another survey if they are not getting something out of it.
• If survey reports go to just one individual, eePulse may not be the right choice.
• eePulse excels in providing ALL stakeholders with reports quickly and easily.
• eePulse is an excellent choice when all managers get data for decision making.

How is the eePulse solution different?
eePulse's solution, both the technology and the knowledge behind the implementation, are built on a core reporting structure and process that:
• Provides reports to all key stakeholders within 24 hours after a survey is closed (technically, reports are available immediately; however, the 24 hours allows time for quality checks). This means all managers who should get reports can see all their data (all views, all demographic cuts) right away. By giving reports so quickly to the key stakeholders, clients move to action and measurable business results faster.
• All reports and all views are bundled into one price.
• Your old data can be loaded into eePulse's reporting engine, providing trend data linking old and new data.
• Your survey administration team can start obtaining results during the survey - not just response rates but initial results on all questions. This allows the team to start preparing their analysis strategy.
• Comment data are analyzed in several different ways, providing on-line categorization reports for all views of the data.
• Easy-to-use reporting that are built on a core structure designed to teach as you view. As users go through the report navigation, they learn about their data. They start with an overall view portal, which gives the big insights, and then they can drill down into other data. With each drill down, the user learns something new. The learning process built into the technology means that users can engage with the data in a purposeful manner. Reports are not designed to delay; they are not about finding excuses.
• The model behind the survey process is represented by four words: Data- Dialogue- Action - Results. We want the users of reports to easily understand the data and then engage in dialogue about the data. We know, from extensive research on the survey process, that data and dialogue, together, are required to drive actions that lead to measurable business results. Leaping to action without dialogue will short-change the magnitude of results. When done correctly, the data to results model has yielded over 2,000% calculated return on investment (ROI). That very large number comes from multiple manager and employees taking action and documenting results. Improved business results means everyone benefits.
• Survey taker confidential portal and results. Unique to eePulse, every individual survey taker can have access to his/her personal portal and reports. These data are confidential, and users access them with their own user name and passwords. This technology is valuable when:
• Employee Pulse surveys. Clients are doing employee surveys, and they are asking questions that can lead to employee development. eePulse highly recommends personal reports for the Energy Pulse™ work because ultimately the individual employee is responsible for his/her own energy at work. By providing personal reports, employees are part of the solution.
• Anual Employee surveys: Also, for longer annual surveys with employees, the personal report is helpful to employees when engaging in dialogue. They can go in and see what they answered, refreshing themselves and being prepared for more accurate dialogue about the survey. It's also a way to share results with employees right away, building trust and accountability.
• Customer surveys: Personal reporting is also important for customer survey work when a client is trying to build stronger relationships with the customer. The survey can be turned into a process that builds the clients thought leadership status.
• Learning modules: The personal reports are used for leadership development programs, adding data and exercises involving data (either from customers or employees) for a leadership executive development program or off-site program.

Create a customized metrics strategy.
eePulse works with clients to develop a unique metrics strategy that supports the organization's goals and objectives. eePulse has developed new models for survey usage within organizations. On-line project management tools that include information on the metrics strategy are used by the project team.

eePulse's metrics strategy is horizontal vs. vertical.- find all the questions you want to ask and stack them up; this makes the survey long and painful to take. It also delays the action-taking process because it takes so terribly long to analyze the data for insights.

Horizontal - spread out your questions. Use a lot of different question types. Some examples include influence questions, validated questions, user-initiated questions, open-ended comment questions, and eePulse's numerous validated questions. Some questions are used to create new lenses to view the data. Examples include the change lens, employee value exchange proposition 9 box, the valour pulse reports, and energy zone reporting.

On-line action taking module.
All managers and all employees can use the on-line action taking module. It's simple, includes calculations for ROI, and can be used to roll up and share success stories. Clients can build their own customized best practice data base.
• Learning through actions can be shared with all employees.
• A custom best practice library has high value to managers.

Meeting-in-a-box tool.
When doing employee surveys, the meeting-in-a-box tool can be used to give managers a prepared power point, with speaker notes, to use when engaging in dialogue with employees. Communications are improved when managers can tell the story in their data.

Customization of survey and reports
eePulse's survey solutions are all about customization.

  • Customization creates unique competitive advantage.
  • Build a metrics strategy to support your organization, not the vendor data base.
  • Managers engage in dialogue and action when data are relevant.
  • We can create and analyze any survey your business needs to help you grow.
Reach out to us today with your specific business survey needs.